My Opinion About Books

Books give you knowledge. I have almost 2,000 books in my house. Crazy, right? Well not when your family is made up of seven people. Have I read all of them? That’s a different question. I think I’ve read less than half of them, which is still pretty good, and I loved all of them. How many books do you think you have in your house, more or less than a thousand?

This is just one of my six bookshelves.

My favorite books have to be either the Wings of Fire series or Percy Jackson. I also like some comic books like Big Nate. Sorry Harry Potter fans. I have yet to read the books. My favorite genres are humor, fantasy, and adventure books, which you can see my favorite books consist of if you’ve read them. 

My favorite author is probably Tui. T Sutherland because I thought Wings of Fire was just such a cool series. When I’m reading books from the series I can picture everything so clearly; it’s like I’m in the book itself. I also like it because it’s adventurous and funny. I love humorous books, and I haven’t read too many books that make me laugh. Wings of Fire was one that did. Third, it was so interesting. There was always a cliffhanger, one after another. I remember a few times when my mom called me for dinner and I’d say, “One more minute,” because I could not stop.

Where do you like to read? I have a hammock in my room so I stuff a pillow in it, grab a blanket and read away. It’s really great just to escape from reality if I find a really great book. Sometimes I can just sit and read forever. I find it harder to read when there’s a lot of noise, like people talking  because I listen to that instead of focusing on the book. I normally find which books I want to read from friends, family or just authors that I know I like.

I read because it helps me in school and teaches me great things. Sometimes my parents don’t even know what I’m talking about. I think we all know we get the best feeling when we are right and our parents are wrong. It also teaches me a lot of new words that I’ve never even seen or heard. I have a much bigger vocabulary than I used to. Why do you read, if you do?


Window or Mirror ~ Percy Jackson

Image from unsplash

This summer I read Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan. This book is fantasy and adventure. I’m going to be talking about this book and the windows and mirrors in it. A mirror is something that’s the same like Percy is 11 and I’m 11 that’s a mirror. A window would be something like being a demigod and me being a normal kid. So Percy is a young boy that is around my age 11. He wasn’t the best student so he got expelled five times… but after the fifth he went to a new school for demigods which I clearly am not. I’m going to leave it there because I don’t want to spoil the whole story if you decide to read it. But it’s a good series book that I really like, so if you like books like this check it out.



 I love lacrosse and if you don’t know what it is; it’s a game where you have a stick that looks like this:

So, if you look at my first picture, you can see that it has a pole in the middle which is called the shaft. And then a top which is called the head, and the string is called the mesh. That’s a normal  lacrosse stick. Now picture a regular lacrosse stick with a shaft that is about double the length of a regular stick. It’s called a long stick and it’s used for defense. Some people might call it a defensive pole.Now a goalie stick. The head is bigger than a normal stick and wider to catch shots coming at the goal. Now let’s get to the actual game. In lacrosse you have three positions, well no, four. 3 midfield, 3 defense, 3 attack, and the goalie. So, every game you start with 10 players on the field. Plus the other team’s 10 so 20 people on at once. The goal of the game is to get the ball past the other team’s goalie into the goal.

Basic fundamentals: let’s just start with passing. To pass you want to hold your dominant hand near the middle of the stick. Then your  non-dominant hand at the bottom. Then, like a lever, propel the stick forward. Next, let’s get to catching. To catch you want to put your dominant hand at the top of the stick and non dominant hand at the bottom and then catch it. Following that we have cradling. It’s a little hard  to explain, but for a video and more information you can look up Paul Rabil YouTube and he can show you how to do all those things better.


Camp Kirkwood


Last week on a Wednesday morning the DA sixth grade was going to Camp Kirkwood in the middle of hurricane Idalia! We started the morning by playing a game of Lovett says kind of like Simon but “Lovett” way better. So then we got onto the buses which in my opinion was great. You basically just got to talk to your friends for 2 hours so when we got there it was pouring down rain so we took a bag and ran for the pavilion. Then me and my cabin mates went to our cabins, unpacked, made our beds, and then went to lunch. 

After lunch we did some activities and they were fun. My favorite was definitely either the v swing or zip line over the lake because they were so exhilarating. After the first day of activities we had 1 hour of free time which was when i went to my cabin showered and then went to get some spaghetti for dinner. After the delicious Italian noodles. The camp counselors then told us there was going be a movie or we could play dodge ball. I went to dodge ball and after we got drum roll please SNOW CONES! And that night I think at least half the people who were playing dodge ball got DRENCHED when I went to get the snow cones but it was worth it.

The next day…

Yup new day so we got ready and went to breakfast. For breakfast we had cereal. After we got breakfast we did some activities. I went to the pool which was really fun. I played Moss.  After the pool we had lunch. After lunch I played soccer and my team and the others tied sadly. Then we had an hour of free time. I stayed in my cabin with my friends then I went to the v swing which was definitely one of my favorites, and then we had dinner which I think we had Mac n cheese and chicken which was great. We then went to the benches to sit with our advisory and talk. That night we also had marshmallows then we all went to bed.

The next day …

After we woke up I shadowboxed my friend Kareem for a few minutes but sadly we had to stop and pack. Very sad I know but our cabin teacher Mr. Lantzy said if we go fast enough we get to play basketball so we zoomed. After we played basketball we had breakfast WHICH WAS WAFFLES! They were great. So counselors then told us to go to the flagpole. After breakfast for our last activity, I did my first canoeing then zip line, probably my favorite, my last activity of camp… yup then we had lunch and left. When we got back to school I was pretty excited to go home and see my family and when my mom picked me up or my mom and my sister. Who lives in Richmond came to pick me up. I was so happy I hadn’t seen my sister for a while so it was really great to see her.